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As a 5th generation pyrotechnic company, it is important to us to maintain a clean environment for future generations. Of course we are big fans of our products and we are always enthusiastic about big pyro shows and fireworks.

We are of course aware that our business is not free of pollutants either and we want to make our contribution and work sustainably.

In November 2019, in cooperation with the Plant-My-Tree organization, we planted 200 trees that neutralize more than the CO2 from our fireworks products. At the same time, the trees that have been planted are a habitat and protected retreat for many animals. Since the trees are sycamore maples, bees in particular benefit from the new planting.

In the following we would like to introduce you to our collaboration with the PLANT-MY-TREE organization. We have also put together a collection of facts for you that tries to discuss the topic of fireworks and the environment. You will also see an interesting list of links and a sample of our CO2 certificate.

  1. Collection of facts - in german

  2. Link list - in german

  3. Steffes-Ollig and PLANT-MY-TREE- in german

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